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Faith Tabernacle Church was born out of a living room where Pastor Jeff and his wife Debbie began a weekly worship night. During that time, his family was going through a very real crisis of belief. Not in God, but in themselves. They had just lost their business; were facing the loss of their home, which they had built a few years earlier. With no promising future ahead for their family, little did they know, God was about to release them into the greatest call of God, saving souls.

Miracles began to break out in their home as those Friday night worship events continued on. They watched their living room fill up with a people loyal to God and to each other. Others began to hear what was happening during their meetings and wanted to be part of it. The presence of God was so strong on those nights, some would smell the gardens in heaven, others could feel water flowing over and past them as if they were in a river. They were…

After about two years, pastor was ordained and the church began. He began to preach on Sunday mornings in their living room, but still held onto the Friday nights for worship.

The core group which stood fast from the beginning is part of the leadership and church board today. There are currently four ministers and two leaders on the board of directors. FTC has a leadership mentoring program and currently have two enrolled.

Each week the whole group meets on Thursday evenings to worship and pray for what God has for the church and the people. For the last seven years, the church holds to their beginnings in still coming together holding community worship nights. These are held each Friday at 6:30pm.

Pastor Jeff, from the beginning has held communion with those in attendance. That has not changed since. Every time we meet corporately, we take communion in the remembrance of Jesus Christ our Savior.

The church leaders allow the Holy Spirit to lead each and every service. As a result, there have never been two of the same. Our pastor is not interested in building a church but a people for God. It is common to have Jesus, the Father or Holy Spirit come and speak to us during our the services.

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Meeting Address
Faith Tabernacle Church
103 East 6th Street
Colville, Washington 99114
509 690-0003

Mailing Address
Faith Tabernacle Church
Po Box 1177
Colville, Washington 99114

Meeting Times
Friday Evening Praise and Worship
6:30 to 9:00 pm

These nights are always spectacular as the worship is outstanding and signs and wonders always follow. Come and join with us as we rejoice in the Lord Jesus, His Father and Holy Spirit

Sunday Mornings
10:00 to 12:00 am

Everyone who wants to experience God with a longing to see miracles take place are invited to be part of our Sunday services. Expect to see God move in your life.

From the center of downtown Colville, head North until the road bends to the left at the Safeway store. Instead of making that left sweeping curve, go straight and continue on. At the next street, you will see the church building on the far right corner of the intersection. We meet in the American Legion building. Take any of the driveways up to the parking area.

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