Faith Tabernacle Church was born out of a living room. Pastor Jeff and his wife Debbie began a weekly worship night with a few people coming each week. They chose Friday nights as it was the beginning of each Sabbath.

During this time, their family was going through a very real crisis in their life. They had lost their business to internal theft, and realized they were going to lose their home as well.   Little did they know, this was all part of Gods plan for them.  They would soon be spiritually reset to become fisher of men.

Miracles began to break out in their home during those Friday night worship evenings. People were healed of sickness and disease and word got out. They watched their living room fill up with a loyal people towards Jesus and God. loyal to God and to each other. The presence of God was so strong on those nights, some would smell the gardens in heaven, others could feel water flowing over and around them as if they were actually in a river. They were…

After about two years, God called Jeff to full time ministry and to be ordained as a Pastor.  He chose to continue on with Friday night worship. He knows his first duty to God is to lift He and His Son up in praise and song. He knows how worthy they are.

Soon, a church was organized with faithful leaders.  Some have been raised up to be Pastors, Deacons and Elders.   Pastor pours into the lives of those who want to grow in Christ.  His goal being they go out and begin their own work for the Lord.

Today, each Thursday evening is set aside for the leaders to come together, pray and worship God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. To listen and wait for directions from above.

Friday Night worship begins at 6:30 pm each week and no two meetings are the same. The Body of FTC lets Holy Spirit lead the way and as a result, Heaven encounters are common.

Our Pastors have made the decision from the beginning to take communion with Jesus each time FTC meets together. The result of this obedience has been amazing.  This church has such favor of God.

If you want to be part of a church body which is relevant to God, then come! You are invited to join hands with us to further the Kingdom of God.

Maybe you don’t live in our area. No problem.  Watch our services via your desktop computer or on your portable device.  You can easily join anytime by clicking on LIVE above.

map of church

Meeting Address
Church Building has closed
We are now live streaming world-wide

Send any mail to the following address

Mailing Address
Faith Tabernacle Church
909 North Oak Street
Colville, Washington 99114


Service Times
Friday Evening Praise and Worship
6:30 to 9:00 pm

These nights are always spectacular as the worship is outstanding and signs and wonders always follow. Come and join with us as we rejoice in the Lord Jesus, His Father and Holy Spirit

Sunday Mornings
10:00 to 12:00 am

Everyone who wants to experience God with a longing to see miracles take place are invited to be part of our Sunday services. Expect to see God move in your life.


  • Pastor

    It is our deepest desire to see GOD move Powerfully through your ministry Pastor. Father, in the Mighty Name of Jesus, I ask… Would you give this man a covering unlike anything he has ever considered. Let him realize he has Jesus with him. Let him realize he walks with Holy Spirit. He has the whole of everything he will need to move ahead. Add to it the faith given, ready to grow, ready to explode from within him, let these things begin to manifest in his life. Raise up an army of intercessors for this ministry as well. GOD, You Created Wakoli for Your Good pleasure. Bring Your Mighty plans alive in his life now. In Jesus Name we declare these things are happening now. Hallelujah!

  • Wakoli Husssen

    Praise God Pastor,
    I am Pastor 🙏 Wakoli Hussein Shalom from Uganda,East Africa.Its my great pleasure meeting you.It has been my dream and desire to get in touch with you man of God.We are a community Church known as:Swords Of Fire Miracle Ministry.We are a spirit filled ministry with an agenda of preaching the gospel to East Africa and Africa at large..The reason I am writing to you is that i would love to be your spiritual son and you become my spiritual father and to be fully under your mentorship.Our aim is to preach the gospel and plant churches allover East Africa and Africa and the World at large and under your ministry covering that we can move together as the body of Jesus Christ.Right now as I speak our church structure was broken down by strong Winds and heavy rainfalls.The church brothers and sisters are also really starving in these terrible times without food.We really need your covering and support to continue spreading the message of hope in Uganda and Africa.Right now we need a school, church and land to grow food and vegetables for the needy…Please don’t ignore to read this message because its God in it.We would love to work together with you under your umbrella as expand the kingdom of God in Africa.God bless you sir as we await to hear from you in Jesus name…

    God Bless you

    Pastor Wakoli Hussein Shalom

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