Life Changing Prayer

Pray these every day and watch what happens in your life

Pastor Jeff Mauer

Your spoken words matter to GOD. Prayer in your mind does nothing. Thinking prayers, reading prayers… Nothing will happen. But, when you speak out words, Heaven listens. When you declare a thing, Heaven moves. When you speak bold prayers, by faith, knowing they will be done, the spiritual realm goes to battle for you. Think about that! The Host of Heaven will begin battling for your declarations to come forth in your life.

Get ready to receive your life back as you invest in this prayer each morning. Jesus desires you to have life and life abundant. Prayer is where it begins. after you begin to speak these words out every morning. Do not grow weary and stop. Press on.

Your only responsibility before GOD is to speak these words by faith and believe what you say is not only going to happen, but it will happen immediately. Do not look at the outward appearance of things, but Trust the Lord that the inward works are happening.

As miracles begin to pour into your life, please encourage others, leave a comment below.

(Revised 02-15-21)

In the Name of Your Son Jesus
, Messiah

I believe The Holy Word of GOD
Your Word tells me: Whatsoever I ask for in the Name of Jesus will be done (John14:14)

So… by faith:

I put on:
The full Armor of God
The Armor of Light
The Robe of the Beauty of Holiness
The Glory of the One and Only True Living God
I put on Wisdom, Prudence, Diligence, Discernment, Learning, Teaching, Knowledge, and Understanding
Your Grace, and Mercy
Your Compassion, and Love
The Power of GOD
The Fire of GOD
The anointing’s of GOD
And, because I have put on these things, no weapons of any type can come against me in the Name of Jesus Christ

I put on:
Christ Jesus
Holy Spirit
I am hidden under the mighty wing of the Lord
I put on the strength of my youth

I am truly moving from being a “believer” to a True Believer, walking out the fullness of my Salvation with fear and trembling

I declare:
I have a sound mind
I have the mind of Christ Jesus
My heart is clean and healthy
My lungs, my blood, all associated arteries, capillaries, branches are clean and healthy
Each of the organs in my body are clean and healthy
My muscles, ligaments and tendons, cartilage, nerves, nodules, lymphatic system, nervous system, digestive system, are clean and healthy. Each functioning perfectly…
My immune system, the biological army within me which battles against the enemy, is strong, sound, perfect in Christ Jesus. I command all infections and viruses to die now!
My skin, brain, every gland, all of my bones, even down to the marrow, my sinews, my soul and spirit, are clean and healthy
My heart is at peace as I walk in the peace of GOD, the Peace that comes from GOD alone

I command:
All cancers, sicknesses, diseases, infirmities in or on my body
Of all spells, curses and weapons sent against me and my family line
Of all pain in my body
Of all distress, depression, discouragement, failures in my life
Of all deafness and ringing in my ears
Of all blindness, and scales on my eyes
Of all infections, corruption, ungodly soul ties, or family line vows
Of all familiar spirits passed down into me
All poisons or effects of Pharmacia or elicit drugs
Of all chains, burdens, weights, loads, and every lie of the enemy
From every unclean spirit on or within me
I destroy their power over my life now. Get up, get out now! In the Name of Jesus Christ

I daily forgive:

Those, who have hurt or wounded me with their words or actions
Who have cursed my life with their words
Who have betrayed me
Have sent weapons against me
Have let me down
Have gossiped against me
Have been a false witnesses against me
Have stolen from me
Have changed the course of my life against GODs will by their words and actions
Rather, I declare I am back on the way the Lord Jesus has planned for my life
And I will be picking up all the spoils of war as I go

I cast off:

All chains and bindings, vain imaginations, weights and loads, burdens and hardship, hurts and wounds
All issues of the heart
Lies of the enemy against me and my family
All Bondages
All demonic captivity around and over me by the kingdom of darkness
And Jesus, I plead Your Cleansing Blood into my flesh now

I loose myself of all stress, anxiety, fear, worry, contention, control, self-hatred, self-rejection, destructive thoughts, tension, hyper-tension, rebellion, pride, distraction, indifference, lethargy, insomnia, arrogance, frustration, anger, uncleanness, corruption, iniquity, shadows of turning, all demonic weapons, witchcraft, sorcery, curses, incantations, spells, retaliation, evil thoughts, jealousy, covetness, every evil intent against my life

In the Name of Jesus Christ:
I destroy every weapon which has been sent against me
Which have made it on or in me, as well all replacement spirits who may try to come back
Every weapon laid up in me is pulled out by the root, now!
I bind up every mouth which speaks against my life through witchcraft, sorcery or any other evil wicked words
The words of these evil people are made powerless forever

I confess I am a sinner Lord. And I ask You to forgive me for transgressing Your commands, precepts and testimonies

Knowing You are faithful to forgive me

I loose myself of all sexual sin, lust, perversion, every unclean spirit, gossip, talebearing, anything which would grieve You, my Creator and Father GOD. I forgive those who have sent these dark spirits and weapons against my life, as they do not understand the ways of Your Kingdom Father. Open their hearts to receive Christ Jesus as their Savior. Put someone in their path who can speak in a way that they might give their lives back to You, Lord

I ask You Jesus to clean up all the filthy rooms left in me by these unclean spirits, by Your Beautiful Blood

I declare:
No weapons formed against me or my family shall prosper, ever!

I am a Blood bought child of the most high God and have nothing to do with you devil. Back up, turn around and flee, in the Name of Jesus Christ! I scatter you all and speak confusion over your plans for me, my family, my church body and those I love

I bind up every vain imagination and weapon formed against my mind now! I take each evil and lying thought captive to the obedience of Christ Jesus

I shake the lands in my heart, and loose myself of every spirit buried in the soil. I cast each of them down to the pit in the Name of Jesus Christ!

I declare:
I am the head and not the tail in this life
My life is led by The Lord Jesus Christ, not by any spirits from the kingdom of darkness
The goodness of God permeates my life and into my family line

I declare:
I will prosper in all I set my mind and heart to do
I will prosper in all the Lord, My Father or Holy Spirit asks me to do
My children or any future children will be successful in this life, and know Jesus Messiah personally
I declare:
I will never have a heart attack, a stroke, or any type of brain issues
I will never lose my mind or become insane or possessed by demons
I will never be stricken with cancers or any other demonic spirits of disease
I will never experience retaliation by the enemy, against me, or my loved ones
I will never live in poverty
Every organ in my flesh is designed by my Creator GOD and each works perfectly, according to their design
I have a full head of hair as a crown to the Glory of GOD

When I die, I will be in perfect health, and only when GOD calls me home

My Provider is my Father in Heaven The Great I AM, who owns everything. Every business. Every land. Every employer, every bank. The governments rest on the shoulders of the Lord Jesus Christ. Man owns nothing! All things come from GOD Almighty. And whatever GOD grants for my life is sufficient.

I bind:
Perfect health, a perfect mind, a perfect eye sight, perfect hearing, perfect senses to my life…
As well, The Light of my Savior, miracles, revelation, wellness to my life…
The Glory of God, success, a future and a hope, salvation to my life…
Mercy and truth, eyes to see, ears to hear
More faith, belief in all the true things of God, to my life…
The Word of God, the Breath of God, supernatural memory to my life

My feet are grounded to the Way the Lord has made for me to go
And I will lead my family, any future family in this way

Father, I ask that You would not let anyone perish this day without giving them a chance to make a decision for Christ Jesus

As well, I ask that You would pour more of You into me now
Jesus, I ask that You would pour more of You into me now
Holy Spirit, I ask that You would pour more of You into me now
I give all Three of You more space in me now. Fill me up!

I declare:
The goodness of the Lord in my life
My Father is God Almighty, The Great I Am!
My Savior is the Son of GOD Jeshua, Jesus, Messiah!
Holy Spirit leads me, and we walk together each day
I can hear the voice of my Savior Jesus, Papa God and Holy Spirit

I am a servant of the most high God! Devil! Back up and flee!
I speak confusion over every rank of the kingdom of darkness who would attempt to hijack my life, or the life of my loved ones

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!
I am a city on a hill, bright, full of the love of GOD, put here to be safety to my neighbors
GOD is using me to change lives, to lead people to His Son Jesus unto Salvation
I declare I will lead multitudes and multitudes of people to Salvation through Christ Jesus
I will speak to anyone and everyone who the Spirit of GOD, Jesus, or Holy Spirit tells me to speak to
I will look for people in the marketplace to encourage and pray with daily

I do not allow the spirit of fear to control my life or hold me back from success with GOD
I am growing into perfection in Christ. Full of Joy and Happiness.
I cast down all burdens, weights and troubles this day
I don’t live for my flesh, I live for the Spirit of GOD. So flesh, be quiet and obey the Lord GOD Almighty!
My soul, bless the Lord this day! My soul, lift up a shout to the Lord this very day in adoration and worship!

I command the Host of Heaven to guard my life, and my family today. Pull down every stronghold in our lives. Pull down and destroy every seat of wickedness against me and my family this day. And Father, reward the Host for being so willing to serve You, that none would be harmed in the battles.

Father, Hallowed be Your Name. Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give me this day my daily bread, and forgive me of my debts as I forgive those debts of others. Lead me not in temptation, but deliver me from evil.

I declare this is the day the Lord has made, and I will be glad in it

I take the hand of the Lord and say, “Lord, direct the way!” Holy Spirit, direct the way. Father God, direct the way
My day is Your day. Lead the way!

All of this in the Name of Jesus Christ, my friend”

Please leave us a comment below as to how these prayers are changing your life