Current Status

During the week of May 25th, the Spirit of God told our Pastor we were done in the building we have been using for our services. He knows God is about to do something much greater with FTC very soon and saw this as the next move for us. The church body here is excited to see what God is up to in each of our lives. Meanwhile;

The Body of FTC is growing into maturity as a people sold out for Christ. Most walk in the miraculous and supernatural and are constantly praying for those in need. They pray and people are healed. They lay hands on the sick and they recover. God is on the move through this church!

It’s not too late for you to join in. FTC is building an army to serve the King of Glory in whatever He calls us to. We are Live streaming every service and our Bible studies on this website and as well, on Facebook.

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If you have high speed internet, click on the banner right below. If you don’t, click on the second banner where you can listen to the service. For those who really don’t have good internet, you can click on the Facebook link above where streaming is much easier for those with low bandwidth.
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Bible Studies
When a father blesses