FTC – Worldwide Ministry / Church

GOD has called FTC to a very narrow ministry in this hour. We are in the business of raising up a great army of Servants for Christ Jesus. A people who are hungry, desperate to know their Creator, their Savior, Holy Spirit.

After the plague hit the earth, GOD called this church body to stop meeting in our building, but to continue ministering through Live Streaming. We had already been streaming our services, so this was a very easy transition for us. This church body is as vibrant now as it was prior to the plague. We meet together through Zoom meetings, Zoom Bible studies and outside ministry. The people of FTC are a very loyal and obedient people unto the Lord. Many who walk in the miraculous and supernatural.

You can join in! Yes, you can join us every Friday evening and every Sunday morning as we stream our services into over 170 nations. People are giving their lives to Christ Jesus, being healed and delivered of terrible issues as they watch our services. Join in to see what GOD is doing with this ministry!

Our Friday and Sunday services begin with worship to the One who is Worthy! Then we take communion. After, Pastor Jeff Mauer preaches and teaches the world how to get up, and step into their Godly destinies. Heaven is waiting for you too! It’s time. GOD is moving in this hour and He wants you to enlist into His Army on the Earth.

Click on either of the top two links right below here to join in our services when we are live streaming.

As you wait for the next service, click on the link to watch any of our videos. You will find all of our services and many teaching videos. These are going to give you a huge leap forward in how you perceive yourself, your life, and Heaven.

Lord bless you and your family for joining in this world outreach! A safe place to walk with GOD is to first look to where He is moving and jump in. He is surely moving with FTC in this hour.

Bible Studies
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