Doubt and Unbelief

My cell phone rang today and when I answered it, there was a lady on the other end who I haven’t met before. I did meet her husband recently and heard his wife was really struggling with her health. In fact her health is so bad, she is having another operation very soon. When I […]

Offense or Defense

This morning as worship was ending with my church leadership, the Lord said something to me. “My children are always working from a line of defense instead of one of offense!” I instantly knew in my spirit what God was showing me. You see most Christians go about their days never considering the battle which […]

Kingdom Appointment

Debbie and I were already heading to the cashier when right in front of us, an older man and woman passed in front of our shopping cart. The man was leading the charge and his wife, who was wearing pajama bottoms and limping along, followed in obedience.  As she was passing right in front of […]

The Grocery Store

Today I went into our local grocery store to pick up some flowers for my wife.  I walked over to where the flowers were and saw a great selection to choose from.  Not knowing much about a certain specie, I asked one of the florists about the care for a variety I was interested in.  […]