God Brings Them To Us

I often have to giggle at the goodness of God. I went with my wife and my daughters to get their school supplies recently.  I have to be transparent and say shopping for school supplies isn’t one of my favorite things to do in life. But I wanted to be with my family regardless and I also wanted […]

How Will You Answer Him?

Well, have you prepared your answer yet? While the world is speaking out against one another today, debating everything under the sun, declaring wrongful words over major situations, there really is a more pressing issue at hand. Your answer… You see, a day is coming where you will be required to give an account of […]

Men A Fire Ministry

Faith Tabernacle has an arm of ministry which reaches out into the community. Men a Fire is a group of men who come together once a month to have fellowship, pray and worship God. These meetings are then closed with a Biblical teaching by one of our pastors. The men in this ministry have grown […]

Music Link

Every week, we get requests to have CD’s made of our worship sets. As much as we love to produce these, they are time consuming and cost us money to make them. Instead, we have decided to go one step better. We are now going to put up our current worship sets on our website […]


There is an epidemic sweeping through many countries of the earth today and it is called anxiety. Worse, anxiety invites in a little friend called depression. I look at these two as being worse then the bubonic plague which killed off so many people over the centuries. It’s worse because the person who has anxiety […]

Who Controls The Weather?

Many Christians today hold to the idea that we live on an earth where things just happen as part of nature. In fact, I hear believers often refer to this as being an act of ‘mother nature’. Who in the world is ‘mother nature’? When God formed the heavens, He told them how to look, […]

Banging Doors

I received a phone call tonight from a wonderful acquaintance of mine who ministers back East. He told me that he and his wife were at the home of a woman who was really struggling in life. So much so, her home was now overrun with demons. Cabinet doors were being opened and slammed shut. […]

Desperate People

Almost every day I receive a text message, email or phone call from someone who’s desperate for help with their life. When I look at Facebook or Twitter, I see so many people who live hopeless lives. The other night, I did a search on Twitter to see how many tweets there were on “I […]

Lost Hope

During the winter in Washington state, I had heard of a man in our area who had been in a logging related accident. One of his legs had been crushed and he had been held pinned under a pine tree without any help for an extended time. When he was finally found, he was air […]

Peace and Joy

Is it possible for you to have a life of peace and joy? Yes! But there is only one way for that to happen. You have to trust God with every breath you take.  As human beings, designed by a Creator, we make the mistake of performing tasks which God has already promised to do […]

The Courtroom

I received a text message recently and the person who sent it was asking me if I could talk with him. I was on my way to my associate pastor’s home and had about fifteen minutes of drive time. So, rather than text him back, I decided to call instead. He answered the phone and […]

Doubt and Unbelief

My cell phone rang today and when I answered it, there was a lady on the other end who I haven’t met before. I did meet her husband recently and heard his wife was really struggling with her health. In fact her health is so bad, she is having another operation very soon. When I […]

Offense or Defense

This morning as worship was ending with my church leadership, the Lord said something to me. “My children are always working from a line of defense instead of one of offense!” I instantly knew in my spirit what God was showing me. You see most Christians go about their days never considering the battle which […]