Missed It by an Inch

Missed it by an inch… Almost daily, I receive friend requests from men in third world nations; desperate for help. They need money for food, water, clothing and often school fees. They live in poverty and don’t have any idea how to come out of it. They want to do what’s right before God, yet […]

2018 – Expect God To Move

Rock Church International added a new video: Kent Christmas Prophecy 2018. God has been speaking to me prophetically about our nation and about the church, and I have never written down a prophetic word before in thirty-some years that God has used me prophetically. To my knowledge I’ve never got behind the pulpit and read […]

You Should Know

Most Christians today don’t give much thought towards the demonic realm Partially because their taught from pulpits they don’t need to worry about them. I have sat under Pastors who taught that we don’t have them in us as Believers. Further, it’s better if we just leave them alone. All of which is untrue. I […]

How do you fit in

Where do you fit in to this thing called Christianity? As God is lifting His Hand off of America and around the world, perilous times are coming. All one has to do is look around to see lines of division are already being drawn in the sand. There are those who love righteousness and those […]

Dear Mom

Every Sunday, mothers will come up to me and ask for prayer. When I minister outside of the church, mothers are often those who seek out ministry. Most of them have a common issue. Fear, worry, anxiety and depression. For the next few minutes I want to share what I teach every single mother. And […]

Tongues and Interpretation 06-26-2017

This is what God the Father said to us during my leadership meeting Do not grow discouraged Do not grow weary Do not grow faint Do not grow weary My children Oh My children My ear is inclined to you My children I lend My ear to you For the prayers of My righteous children […]

A Miracle Waiting to Happen

For the woman who needed a miracle, little did she know it was on the way… I took our daughter Emma to Spokane yesterday for an appointment. After we did some running around we then decided to go to the mall to get some dinner. We talked about life and stuff over the meal and […]

No Lone Islands

Dear Christian…   In the years I have been a Pastor I continue to notice a trend in the lives of believers and followers of Christ. There tends to be a consistent error in letting others know when you’re being attacked with sickness, disease, distress and torments.   What bothers me is I know that […]

A Pastors Heart

A Pastors Heart   When God gives a man a heart to shepherd His people, just know the responsibility is huge. Way beyond the scope of this writing. I take the call on my life with God very seriously. I know my judgment with God will be greater then yours. I know that if I […]

Bind and Cast

When the devil comes along and says something about your spouse… Your response should be, “Did you really just speak negatively about my spouse? I bind your lips and cast you down in Jesus Name!” Heh… That demon will never speak again and is sorry it met you. And you will feel the peace of […]

Stop Fretting About The World

Take heart dear Christian We are living in the most amazing time right now. God has placed us in a time and season that is becoming exhilarating to watch and be part of. Just know all that is going on is a power play on Satan’s part. He has already infested the majority of the […]

Don’t let the news bother you

Now that you’ve read the news today… As we continue to watch what is happening in our country, it would be easy to speak out what we see in response. The problem is we can easily become part of the problem. This is a matter of spiritual warfare and we should not be found in […]

The Power To Cast Satan Down

If God were willing to give you the Power to cast Satan down every time he shows up in your life, would you use it? For example, when Satan comes to destroy your washing machine or your cars transmission, and you happen to notice that it is him who has caused the problem, would you […]

The Trigger Finger

After one of our Friday night worship meetings, I gave one of our people a ride home. Along the way we were talking about this and that when she mentioned she had a trigger finger. She continued telling me about it saying, “God is showing me what it is that has caused this. I’m looking forward […]