Investing in God

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Thousands have been touched and helped by this ministry. Maybe you are one of those people or you just want to be part of growing what God is already doing. Maybe you have heard about the tremendous moves of God through this church. Whatever the reason you are here, we want to thank you for even considering to bless this ministry financially. Let us show you how your money would be used if you did become a financial partner…

FTC supports five missionaries around the world. Each one is a dynamic work where many are being saved and restored. This includes, Kenya, Tanzania, South America, Egypt and Turkey. We pay our missionaries first before we take any money for our local work. Thousands have been saved and delivered of their sin through these missionaries. Orphanages are being supported with great opportunities to set the youth into great futures.

This is a small portion of what FTC does for the Kingdom of God. This group of sold out believers are led by the Spirit in their daily walks and God moves through them.

It takes money to offer help and support in this ministry. We would cherish any financial support you could offer us. Just know, whatever you decide to give, your donations will be used mightily to grow the Kingdom of God.