Cut The Ties

If you have someone in your life who is perpetually prideful, always hurt, always judgmental, always bitter or angry, seemingly frustrated and always offended with people… can I ask you a question? Why would you hang with someone like that? You are either walking in obedience to God Do you know the Bible teaches us […]

Who is that speaking

Yesterday, Pastor Mark called me and asked if I would go with him to help an older woman with a need. She was asking us to come and move a piece of furniture from one storage unit to another. Mark and I both knew we had a Kingdom appointment and we were interested to see […]

Ungrateful People

When I meditate on the goodness of God, I can’t help but remember the multitudes of stories found in the Bible for us to learn from. I am so glad God has given us His Word in the form of a book. There is a story I want to that can reveal to you the […]

The Love of God

Recently the Holy Spirit began to whisper a single sentence in my ear. He kept saying, “The Love of God”. I wondered why He was saying this so I decided to search the scriptures to find what He wanted me to understand. I’m glad He did. What I am about to share with you will […]

Why Am I Here

The question of the ages… It’s been answered over and over again, but the battle to keep the truth from you has been intense. If you are asking, you clearly don’t know how important you are… For over forty-five years, I’ve heard people ask, “Why am I here?” There is a deep longing to know […]

My Back Hurts

After years of praying for people with different physical problems, I began to see a pattern in how their problem related to their sin. For example, when people have problems with their backs, shoulders, legs and other major body parts, each one tells a story of how they have broken a commandment of God. Even […]

Great Faith

When I was young, there was a neighbor who I really looked up to. In fact, I loved bragging about him to my friends. This man was larger than life to me. You might find this strange, but what got me interested in him was what was in his garage. The first time he invited […]

My Hip Hurts

I was standing at the altar in church and noticed a woman get out of her seat and come forward for prayer. She limped up to my wife who was just done praying for another person. Debbie greeted Jill (fake name) warmly and asked how she could pray for her. Jill said, “My left hip […]

Facing Your Giants

I have great news for you! God is very aware of what’s going on in your life. He is being updated constantly by the angels and the host which is around you.  (The great cloud of witnesses)  God knows when you are doing well, and He knows when you aren’t. Nothing is hidden from Him. He even knows your thoughts. […]